Globalization and Nation Construction 

There is no doubt that the 21st century has drawn attention to the way in which democratic societies or so-called western civilization are internally divided. That is the challenge of our times – how to fit into the future within a national framework. Democracy has never been a final product, it continues to be built. Today we notice that political parties have preferred ideologies or models instead of resolving problems of nation-state construction. Is this partisan view putting in danger the republic and leaving open doors to foreign influence?

Without the law there is no justice, without justice there is no democracy. Democracy is to provide opportunity for all people living under the social contract: the constitution. The institutions are changing what is not changing is the spirit: citizens relying on the democratic institution to resolve differences. We can’t stop believing in the ability of democratic institutions to resolve differences and re- engineer the system to fit the future.

To believe in the institution of democracy means that there is allways a avenue or instance to resolve all discontent or grievance.

Not accepting the rules when the rules do not fit our ideas is cheap ideology. The law does not apply to convenience, when we do not accept the results is a dangerous trend that has been occurring in LATAM and other countries that lived under the Cold War. Once the elections are lost, the groups organize themselves to illegitimate the citizens’ vote. This has been the tendency of Putin, Ortega, Evo, etc. manipulating discontent.

These protests are organized immediately to dismiss the incoming democratic elected president. It is a global tendency that disgruntled opposition promotes disobedience to obtain personal notoriety and increase political support. It doesn’t matter if you harm the institutions of democracy wining is more important.

Perhaps the central argument of the disgruntled opposition is similar to the dictators of LATAM: to mock the same democracy that one day benefited them by not accept the results. When the result does not suit them, they call for mobilizations to disrupt governance.

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