Clean your House of False Prophets.


The goal of Ortega’s government is to create uncertainty, division and deception. The establishment continue to manipulate our leaders, feeding the fire of the inter ethnic conflict and deceiving the peasants by inciting violent and unlawful behavior, hence encoring the advancement of the agricultural frontier.

The so called “Autoridad del Canal” failed to use the road map of the rule of law to get an agreement signed. Media government now claims that the #GTRK signed an agreement to use our ancestral lands for about 263 square kilometers-

Today we don’t need political parties form the opposition or the government to shadow our future actions. We will stand together away from the political elites from the pacific … Together in unity ethnic groups with peasants from the agricultural frontier we will resist and claim our righteousness of our lands. We are the people of this generation that will stand.
As decades ago, elements from the political establishment (opposition and government officials) have divided us – specially during the elections – in exchange, we never achieved the so called self determination or autonomy -regardless the color of the government in power.
Today, the government needs the advancement of the Canal, the opposition needs to rally the peasant living along the “Ruta Del Canal” the purpose is to grow their political base affiliation and rally against the government
In both action is a manipulation of our loyalty to our land.
We will stand from the civil society avoiding manipulations coming from any angle. But before we have to clean our house of false prophets.

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